Ember Wines

RemEmber the Moments

Introducing Ember

Today's world moves fast. We all need moment when we can press pause and simply enjoy. The best moments are those that we never want to end, when we're truly enjoying time with those closest to us. These moments call for a wine that helps us savor and truly enjoy every second. 

EMBER is an invitation to reward yourself by slowing down and truly enjoying time with those closest to you. Those moments that are genuine, that suspend time, and just flow.

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Our Wine

A well-balanced Chardonnay with a rich mouthfeel, ripe fruit aromas and subtle hints of butter and toasted oak. We sourced our Chardonnay grapes from the cool-climate vineyards of California’s Central Coast. Learn more about our Ember Chardonnay here.

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Where To Buy

Ember wines are available in select locations.
Call (833) 592-0940 or email us at consumerrelations@ember.com for a list of retailers currently selling our wine.

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